Build-A-Box: Plug & Play Room!

Introducing Build Smartr’s new addition ‘Build-A-Box’, an all-purpose backyard room. A ‘Build-A-Box’ can be used as a home-office, business room, spa room, store room or just an additional space in the house. It’s a fully finished prefab room, ready to use from day one. We can ship it anywhere as per your requirement. No building permit is required. To know more, call us at 604-260-4421.

You Order, We Deliver – anywhere in Canada & US.

Refundable Deposit of $100 only!

About 'Build-A-Box'

Your backyard can be a suitable place for constructing sheds which can be used as an additional space in your house. These structures will not only benefit you adding extra room but also it will enhance the beauty of the backyard as well. These one-room building will function as home offices, recording studios, storage areas, guest rooms, and what not!

Build-A-Box is made with 100% recyclable steel and eco-friendly materials. Build Smartr has invented the most advanced and cost-effective ways to build these high-end products.

Build Smartr’s goal is to stimulate fresh perspectives on our lifestyle requirements and support new tendencies toward smarter and adaptable living solutions. Our passion is fueled by our own experience which drives us to innovate the smartest housing solution for our customers for better living.



CA $18,000 (US $14,000)+ Shipping
  • Total Space: 107 sq. ft.
  • Fully Finished Room
  • Ready to Use From Day One
  • No Building Permit Required
  • Allowed Anywhere in Canada & US


3 Easy Steps Get Your 'Build-A-Box'

You Order

Place your order for ‘Build-A-Box’ and pay your refundable deposit to Build Smartr.

We Deliver

We have our own delivery truck to deliver the frames on-site with the shortest possible time.

We Plug

Our expert team will perfectly install the shed on-site with full precision.


All in One Solution For Backyard Sheds

Build Smartr’s all new innovative concept ‘Build-A-Box’ is one stop solution for building a garden shed with prefab steel walls. We formulate our process keeping in mind the fast, accurate and delivery of our product in a timely manner. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Ready To Use From Day 1

Build Smartr is developing new ideas and solutions for adding extra space to your existing home. Now, you can add additional space to your home without the requirement of a building permit! Simply contact us today for more information about ordering your ‘Build-A-Box’ and our team of experts will take it from there!


Backyard Beautification, Done!

‘Build-A-Box’ is not only serve the purpose of adding additional space to the home, it will add beauty to your backyard as well. Decorate your favourite leisure place according to your preference.

Small Box, Big Impact

Home Office

You can turn the room into your next HQ!

Guest Room

The room can be used as a guest room addition to your main house.


Pamper your nails and feet or get relaxing message in your ‘Buid-A-Box’.

Reading Room

‘Build-A-Box’ can be an ideal spot for bookworm people.

Storage Room

The room can be used for keeping old stuff of the home.


You can complete your daily workout routine in that room.

Hobby Room

This room can be used as your recording studio or a mini library!


The room can be used as Cabana in hot summer days.

Your Box, Your Imagination

Our Shipping Process

‘Build-A-Box’ can be shipped anywhere. It can be shipped from the front yard of your home and into the backyard.


Schedule Your Delivery Today

Pay $100 refundable deposit now and order your ‘Build-A-Box’ today.


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