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$100 Delivery Fee Within Greater Vancouver Area
$100 Delivery Fee Within Greater Vancouver Area
About The Company

About The Company

We are a Canadian owned and operated company looking to provide the best customer service to our clients. We pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products in Delta, BC. We have achieved 5 Star in Google rating.

Our top priority is to provide the highest quality structural steel framing for contractors and developers. Our team of experts will design your house according to any architectural plans - no design alteration are needed. Then our in-house CNC machines produce accurate steel products for walls, joists and trusses- which our team will fabricate off-site. We will then deliver all framing products to the site where our team of experience framers will assemble the entire home. Giving you a fast and seamless framing option from foundations to final framing inspection.

We have a large warehouse that allows us to store an extensive inventory, allowing us to provide industry leading delivery times. Our team of experts, some with over 20 years of experience, is also available for any information.

Our after sales team offers quick response times, ensuring our customers are always informed. As building codes are changing to become more stringent for fire safety, water safety and acoustics. Our skilled team ensure our products always meet the current building standards. For any other queries, you can send us an email at


Harv Sidhu


John Bedford


Crystal Evans


Michael Yu, P.Eng.


Wei Zhang


Daniel Benoit



Why choose us?

We can build single family homes, multi-family projects, townhouses, barns, mid-rise buildings up to 8 stories, infill for high rises and modular homes.

Difference with others

We supply prefab steel frames for homes and buildings. Steel framing is the best possible way to add a long term value to the project.

We are the best at...

We provide fixed price contract following the building codes. We can provide faster installation with cost-effective source of building materials.