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$100 Delivery Fee Within Greater Vancouver Area
$100 Delivery Fee Within Greater Vancouver Area

Unsure if steel is the right building material for you?

While uncommon in North America, steel has been proven to be one of the more cost effective and durable materials on the market for framing. At we have listed some of the benefits of this amazing material


All of the steel components are fabricated in our warehouse, so we can erect your home faster than a traditional wood frame home, saving you time and money.


Our structural grade steel is much stronger than wood, this resulting in a safer home in extreme conditions like earthquakes or floods.


Steel is noncombustible, which means it will not ignite or spread the fire. This makes a steel home a safer home.


We can offer a firm fixed price for your entire project. No more guessing what the lumber, beams, and truss cost will be, giving you and the bank a much more predictable expense schedule.


Our steel is galvanized and will not rust or grow mold. In addition, there are no bugs or termites that eat steel.


All of our steel studs have multiple openings in them and our floor joists are latticed, making wiring and running piping much easier than in wood homes.


Steel walls built from steel are perfectly straight which means you will never have any warping or shrinkage issues. Resulting in no drywall screws popping out.


Build any ceiling height for the same cost. You can now have 10 foot ceilings on all of your floors and it won’t cost you more than 8 foot ceilings.


Your jobsite will have almost zero waste. That means no cleanup crew is required during framing, reducing the cost and time associated with cleanup.


The steel we use to build your home is made up of mostly recycled steel. Also, at the end of a home’s life cycle, all of the steel can be recycled, making steel framing a much more sustainable alternative to lumber.


If you work with us, you will no longer need to coordinate with a lumber or truss company, external engineer, or any 3rd party consultants. We provide all of the required services in-house.


A steel house will last more than twice as long as a wood frame house, making it a better long-term investment with fewer structural repair costs.


A home framed out of steel is cheaper to build than one out of wood in many municipalities in Greater Vancouver! Please contact us for your quote now.


Steel is a stronger and safer building material than wood. According to our research, new homeowners would prefer steel over wood and will be willing to pay more for a home built from steel, giving you a better return on your investment.

Benefits of Steel