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Free Pickup or $100 for any Delivery within greater Vancouver
Free Pickup or $100 for any Delivery within greater Vancouver

At we are prepared to realize your steel frame home from conception to completion with ease.

Our team of highly trained staff are here to create a cost effective and high quality home, built to your specifications.

About Us:

Founded in Metro Vancouver, BC in 2015 has be striving to build high-quality structural steel residential homes. We take pride in our team’s diverse skill set and ability create cost-effective building plans from architectural drawings to on-site installation.  

Build and our Steel Framing Process

01. Send in your Architectural Plans and turn them into 3D layouts

We take finished architectural plans and translate them into 3D rendered projects.

02. Off-site Production and Assembly

Automated construction with perfect precision of custom steel frames

03. Transportation

Quick transportation at affordable costs. Prefabricated frames are delivered to construction site.

04. On-site Assembly and Electrical Installation

Fast and accurate assembly and installation by experienced professionals

Additional Services