Steel Framing Studs: Advantages of Using it in Commercial Buildings

While framing a wall, strength, quality, durability, and ease of use are major concerns. Although wood studs are strong and can be installed easily, quality may not meet your expectations. They are durable until you keep them dry and safe from moisture.

Steel framing studs are made up of high-quality recycled studs that have a unique design to increase strength and provide a superior stud to track in. Steel continues to be the material choice for building construction. There are many options available for framing and to name a few – large timber framing, wood stud framing, and steel stud framing. Fortunately, there are lots of advantages of steel stud framing compared to other framing materials.

5 Advantages of Steel Framing Studs

1. Steel material does not rot:

Other materials like wood or timber might rot over the time period. But Steel construction does not age like wood. Steel studs remain straight and maintain their original shape without warping. Even with exposure to moisture, the steel frames will remain minimally affected..

2. Cost-effective:

Both steel and wood framing options are cost-effective options. Steel frames (unlike its counterpart, wood) present a fairly stable cost. While planning for a large project, price stability is important.

3. Fireproof:

When you use wood or timber studs, fire safety cannot be assured. However, steel stud framing is fire resistant and can mitigate damages.

4. Ease of Installation:

Installation is less rigorous than a typical wood-framed construction project. Steel is lighter than wood or timber and this makes it easier to handle and move. Since these studs are attached using screws, they can be moved or taken apart easily.

5. Reduce Construction Waste:

Each piece of steel stud framing is engineered and manufactured based on specific dimensions. Therefore, when it comes to construction work, there would hardly be any wastage of steel on the site. But wood arrives in standard lengths and must be cut down, resulting in excess waste ending up in the dumpster.

There is a huge list of other perks of steel compared to other materials. Therefore, it has been used as the best option for commercial construction for decades. Order the best steel stud framing from Buildsmartr for your upcoming project.