Why Choose Steel Construction Over Concrete?

Earlier to modern engineering, construction work included wood, adobe, thatch, and cave dwellings.  We have come a long way and the world of architecture has advanced methods for construction now. While choosing a material for your next project, one will either choose concrete or go for steel.

Wondering how to measure up against steel vs. concrete? Continue to read the article to know why steel is the better option for maintenance, longevity, and the environment.

Environmental Factors


The majority of the Steel is made of recycled materials, and hence is a great use of our resources. This also cuts down the costs of the project. The structural Integrity of steel is damaged when it’s exposed to extreme fire and water, steel it’s essentially made to be used and reused many times. Galvanized steel is used in modern engineering as it has amazing fire resistance properties.

As per British Publication Building, 85% of steel is recycled. Recycled steel uses one-third of the energy necessary for steel from virgin materials.


Concrete is a material that could be locally sourced and requires minimal energy to transport.  Reinforcing steel for concrete is from recycled steel itself. Like steel, even concrete can be crushed and recycled. But this recycled material could not be used for new building construction.

Durability and Maintenance


Steel is the leading choice when it comes to strength and durability. It remains strong even after a long passage of time. The buildings do not require much effort to survive. Steel can withstand heavy wear and tear and hence it’s the better option for creating strong structures.


Concrete might seem better but repair and maintenance might be required constantly. Concrete buildings are actually really strong over time, but they are an incredibly expensive project to undertake. They are also very slow to install.


Concrete can be molded into different shapes. However, steel can be used in an infinite amount of applications.  Concrete has low tensile strength and toughness when compared to steel. If you’re planning for building construction that looks good as it is, then steel is the best choice for you.

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