Unsure if steel is the right building material for you?

While a little less common in North America compared to other regions in the World, steel has been proven to be one of the more cost-effective and durable materials on the market for framing. At Buildsmartr, we have listed some of the benefits of this amazing material

Add value to your Build By
Constructing With Steel

Steel framing is the best way to add long-term value to your home. Contact us today for a comprehensive project quotation and discover the fastest way to realize your dream.


All of the steel components are fabricated in our climate-controlled warehouses. As a result, we deliver pre-fabricated components (walls, joists, trusses) to your job site which enables significantly faster construction compared to traditional, stick-built framing.

Strong & Durable

Steel provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all traditional building materials (concrete, wood, steel). Steel structures are stronger and more durable than wood which provides you with resilient structures that require less maintenance and much longer life spans.


Steel is incapable of igniting and burning when subjected to fire. You can feel safe by choosing steel as the material for your home.

Fixed Price

We will provide you with a written, guaranteed pricing proposal for the framing based on your Architectural drawings. No more guesswork for the prices!

No Bugs, Rust or Mould

Our steel is galvanized and will not rust or grow mould. Steel is not vulnerable to attack by insects, unlike wood.

Easy to Install

All of our steel studs have multiple openings and floor joists are latticed, making wiring and piping much easier than in wood homes.


Fabrication is controlled by computers so steel components are perfectly straight which means you will never have any warping or shrinkage issues. No drywall screws popping out anymore!

Fixed Price Ceilings Heights

Build any ceiling height for the same cost. Steel construction can provide fixed-price ceiling heights. No need to worry about the escalation of prices.

Clean Jobsite

There is almost zero waste at the jobsite. Minimal cleanup is required during framing, reducing the overall cost and time associated with the project.


Steel is the most recycled material in the world and the majority of our raw material is recyclable steel. At the end of a home’s life cycle, all of the steel can be recycled, unlike wood which ends up in landfills.


If you use steel in construction, you don’t need to worry about the perfection in design and measurement.


A steel-framed structure will last more than twice as long as a wood-framed structure, making it a better long-term investment with less maintenance costs.

Competitive Pricing

A home framed with steel is less expensive to build than one framed with wood. It reduces the overall cost of construction in many different aspects.

Better Investment

Homeowners are willing to pay more for a home built from steel, giving you a better return on your investment.

Lower Insurance Rates

Square One Insurance Services (www.squareone.ca) located in Vancouver, BC is providing lower insurance rates for steel-framed homes.

How We Benefit The Environment

Sq. ft. of Homes
Construction Projects
Trees Saved


Steel Performs Better in Earthquake and Fire

Six-story steel frame building passes seismic and fire testing on the world’s largest outdoor shake table

~UC San Diegao (Jacobs School of Engineering)

Downside of Wood Framing


All wood is susceptible to rot, mildew and mould including pressure-treated wood!


The ignition temperature of wood is approximately 500F whereas steel doesn’t burn at all. The melting point of steel is approximately 1400F, nearly 30% higher than the average house fire temperature of 1100F!


Recycling wood is a complex and expensive process. Most scrap wood is buried in landfills.


Today’s lumber mills typically use wood that is far less than 20 years old which produces wood that is nearly 100% sapwood as opposed to old growth heartwood that North America was founded with. Clear-cut patches of old-growth lumber lead to deforestation due to the demand for stronger, longer-lasting wood.


Wood plays host to many creatures including termites, ants and other pests. Over time, these pests’ attacks on wood can significantly weaken and damage the structure.


Wood warps when the moisture content changes unevenly throughout the length of a component. If one part of a 2×4, for instance, dries more quickly than another part, it will shrink faster which causes stress leading to warping, twisting and bending. The weakened component is then more susceptible to splitting.


While wood is fairly elastic when compared to other building materials, a structure designed with wood must be designed with many heavily designed shear-resistant components such as shear walls to resist wind and seismic forces. These requirements sometimes interfere with the flexibility in design.


Stick framing with wood is a traditional, long-standing method of construction. The constant cutting and trimming of lumber produce massive amounts of waste during construction that requires constant management to keep tidy. This waste almost always ends up buried in a landfill adding costs, not only to the overall project but also to our environment.

Downside of Concrete


The material costs are higher for concrete buildings.


Must be fabricated into structural panels at the building site.


Concrete requires a heavy and expensive foundation to support the structure.


The concrete structure requires a shoring system between the floors.


Concrete structures can have varying consistencies which are not as actively regulated.


Curing time for concrete structures can be greatly affected by weather conditions.


Installation cost is higher for concrete structures.


Concrete construction needs more manpower than steel construction.


Make The World A Better Place to Live!

Buildsmartr believes that your small initiative towards making the world greener will make a huge difference. Constructing houses with steel will save a lot of trees and eventually it will help to eradicate the issues like CO2 emission, green-house effects, global warming etc.


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