Why to Consider Styrofoam Blocks for Your Next Project?

Are you considering Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Styrofoam blocks? If not, you could be missing a lot of benefits that your project could have.

To meet the never-ending demands of green buildings in this highly competitive industry and economy, you need to take advantage of all the things that could help you in the speedy completion of your project within the budget.

Benefits of Styrofoam Blocks

  • Easy to Install: Styrofoam blocks will be factory cut and hence they are easy to install. Since Styrofoam is lightweight and construction-friendly it doesn’t require any special equipment to install.
    Blocks can be carried out by workers easily onsite and can accommodate on-the-fly tweaks. This doesn’t even need any maintenance once installed.
  • Construction efficiency: EPS Styrofoam weighs up to one or two pounds per cubic foot. These blocks help to cut off weeks of construction work and labour costs. This also enables you to complete your project on time or you can even deliver your project ahead of schedule.
  • Comparatively low and consistent cost: Than compared to traditional construction materials Styrofoam blocks can save labour costs, efforts, and time too. As Styrofoam is lightweight, it costs much less to transport them to the site.
  • Versatile: Styrofoam blocks can be used in a variety of ways. Styrofoam is used to stabilize side hill projects, for constructing tiered seating platforms, building foundations, and many more. Styrofoam blocks are easy to customize and can fit your project needs.
  • Energy-saving: This is one of the amazing benefits of Styrofoam blocks. Styrofoam has 98% to 99% of air by volume. Styrofoam blocks are adequate for thermal insulation due to the air pockets formed during the manufacturing process. These blocks keep your building warm during winters and cool during summer. This reduces energy consumption and makes the building more economical to maintain.
  • Eco-friendly: EPS geofoam blocks are incredibly eco-friendly materials that can be used in your construction project. EPS geofoam does not have harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, and hydrochlorofluorocarbons. Styrofoam blocks are manufactured using recycled materials and the finished blocks are recyclable.
  • Water-resistant: Styrofoam is a closed-cell structure and doesn’t absorb moisture. Usually, moisture promotes the growth of many organisms like mold, mildew, or dust which causes many health issues such as allergies, asthma, and many more. Styrofoam avoids such development and growth of biological air because of its water-repellent nature.
  • Lightweight: EPS geofoam blocks weigh up to 2 pounds per cubic foot as per their size.  EPS geofoam blocks weigh up to 100 times lighter than other traditional fills.
  • Long-lasting and durable: Styrofoam is long-lasting and it won’t rot. Styrofoam isn’t subjected to erosion like soil and rock, and it does not decompose lasting for a longer period.
  • Low density: The density of Styrofoam ranges from 15kg to 22kg – which means about 1% to 2% of the density of soil, rock, and other traditional fills. Using traditional fillings like soil for construction projects will increase labour costs, time, and efforts. However, in EPS geofoam you need not worry about extra efforts and costs since it’s lightweight.
  • A stable material: Styrofoam resist vibrations occurred due to natural forces like earthquakes and tremors. Also, EPS geofoam blocks enable you to finish your project with greater stability than compared to any other traditional fills.
  • Soundproofing capabilities: All are aware of how excess noise negatively impacts a person’s health and comfort. EPS geofoam blocks are the best option if you want to diminish noise transmission in your buildings.

Depending on your project, using EPS geofoam blocks would make your work easier, more efficient, greener, economical, and accomplish the target before the scheduled time.

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