Prefabricated Steel Framing

Our light gauge steel framing solutions are fabricated in Build Smartr’s warehouse and then delivered to your project site

Onsite Installation of Steel Trusses

On-site installation by our professionals will help you realize your steel home from architectural drawings to frame construction

Low-rise and Mid-rise Building

Structural engineering from single-family homes to mid-rise buildings up to 30 stories


We Provide Structural Engineering,
Drafting, Steel Fabrication
and Installation

Build Smartr’s innovative 4 step process can handle any construction project including single-family homes, multi-family projects, townhouses, barns, mid-rise buildings up to 30 stories including Industrial, Commercial and Institutional structures.


One Stop Shop For
Steel Construction

At Build Smartr, we work with our clients to develop their dream homes. We are a steel framing construction company that provides everything you need from structural engineering, steel frame fabrication and on-site steel frame installation.


How Can a Steel Frame Construction Make The Difference?

Steel Framing can help you complete your project on time, on budget, and with minimal waste. A steel frame will last longer, have lower maintenance, and create a stronger, more sustainable building and provide a higher resale value and a great long-term investment.

How We Benefit The Environment

Sq. ft. of Homes
Construction Projects
Trees Saved

Our Services

Prefab Steel Framing

We supply custom prefabricated steel walls, floor joists and trusses. Steel is the best way to add long-term value. Contact us for your project today and discover the fastest way to realize your dream.

3D Model Design

Our designers create 3D frame models to view your project with complete details from different angles and perspectives. The model helps you visualize the design which gives you the flexibility to make changes according to your requirements.

Cost Estimation

We will provide a guaranteed estimate for the steel frame including all materials and labour costs. We can include shipping to your job site for installation by your General Contractor or we can provide installation pricing using BuildSmartr framers.

Structural Engineering

We offer in-house engineering for any residential and commercial projects. This streamlines the engineering and framing of the project eliminating your job of coordinating the various trades.

Delivery of Steel Frames

We coordinate and deliver all of our steel frames and supply all of the necessary fasteners for the assembly of our frames. Order the best quality accessories from us at a reasonable price.

On-site Installation

BuildSmartr’s team of experienced framers can install the steel frame perfectly according to the drawings. This installation service provides you a frame that is built with the same precision as it was designed.


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Pioneer in Innovative Construction

We pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products in Delta, BC. Our top priority is to provide the highest quality structural steel framing for contractors and developers. Our team of experts will design your house according to any architectural plans – no design alteration is needed. Our skilled team ensure our products always meet the current building standards.

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